GARNER Portable Fiber Laser Printer 20W & 30W

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Garner Desk Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine/Laser Coding Machine/Laser Marking Systems/Portable Laser Engraver Machine 20W & 30W

Product Transaction Information

Factory Price: Negotiate
Supply Ability: 200sets per Month
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C, Cash, Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Min.Order Quantity: 1 set
ODM & OEM: Available, depends on annual sale quantity
Certification: CE, SGS, FDA
Warranty: 1 Year
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Trade terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW

Product Description

Garner Portable Type Fiber Laser Coding Machine is a machine which has a wide range of applications, almost any material can be engraved, marked, coded, for example, stainless plate, steel stick, Metal tube, metal frame or profile, all kinds of plastic injection part (PVC, PPR, PE, ABS), plastic food package (Bag, vacuum bags), Paper Box, and card, etc.

Because of the smaller & compact size, the weight is light, easy to move to another place by human hands. Combining the rotary device, this portable laser engraver machine is widely used in the Jewelry shop, to mark messages on the Diamond Ring, Gold & Silver Ring, Bracelet, Chink, etc.

For portable laser marking systems, there is no need to open the mold, could only use the computer to edit messages. Deformation is convenient, not subject to production restrictions, greatly shortening the new product development cycle and reducing development costs. Protecting the environment, without any products that are not conducive to the environment, further creates profit value on the basis of environmental friendliness.

4. Application of Laser Coding Machine

  • Stainless Steel

This portable laser engraver machine can achieve high-contrast marking results on stainless steel, it can get different colors through the software setting. The laser marking is permanent and easy to read. High precision, good quality, and small deformation, greatly improve the appearance image and brand effect of the product, especially for stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

  • Jewelry

To work with the digital step motor rotary device, this fiber laser coding machine can engrave names, logos, and other messages on different shapes of Jewelry.

  • Plastic Tags & Strapping Tags & Animal Ear Tags

The fiber laser coding machine can mark messages on different material tags, such as strapping tags, express tracking tags (PE Material), animal ear tags (TPU Material), etc. This is a new application for laser marking systems. The product surface can get different marking colors according to the product surface color and material.

  • Cell Phone Charger & Wall Switch & Electronic Parts

More and more electronic products require laser marking on the surface, the marking can exist very long time, till the lifetime ends. After the marking of this portable laser engraver machine, the marking results will not fade away or erase.

  • Hardware Tools

A durable and permanent marking on hardware tools is necessary for the manufacturer, it will mark the exact size of the tools and specification information on the surface. And the fiber laser coding machine could achieve a perfect marking, which will upgrade company level & product quality standards.

5. Technical Specification of GARNER Portable Fiber Laser Printer/Laser Coding Machine/Laser Marking Systems/Portable Laser Engraver Machine 20W & 30W

   Model       Item                                 GFH Portable Laser Marking Machine
PERFORMANCE Frame Material ALUM & Steel
Laser Device Fiber Laser Source
Power 20W/30W/50W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
High Precision dual dimensional scanning system
Marking speed ≤7000mm/s
Master Control Highly integrated board with 10-inch Color Touch screen
Operating System LINUX based with High-Speed Marking Software
Cooling Air Cooling
Marking Specifications Focus Distance Focus 165mm
Marking line type Dot matrix, bold, vector all in one (both dot matrix and vector)
Minimum line width 0.012mm
Repeatability accurate
Marking Area Standard 110mm×110mm(Customized available)
Marking height Standard Character height 110mm
Marking Length Unlimited
Positioning mode Red light positioning and focusing
Number of characters Any line(multi-line) within marking range
Support type Typeface Chinese, English, available to customized
Marking Number, logo, image, letter, serials number, system date & time,etc...
File format PLT
Bar code CODE39、CODE128、CODE126、QR、Z-Code
Others Power Supply 100-220V/50-60HZ
Power Consumption 600W
Net Weight 40kg
Oversize 500mmX450mmX150MM
Environmental Requirement 0℃-45℃; humidity≤95%;    non-condensing; no shaking
The Quality Standard of GARNER Portable Fiber Laser Printer/Laser Coding Machine/Laser Marking Systems/Portable Laser Engraver Machine
GB 7247-87 Radiation safety of laser products, requirements for equipment classification and user's Guide
GB10320-88 Electrical safety of laser equipment and facilities
ISO 9000-3 International software standards
GB/T12123-89 Sales packaging process
IEC 536 Classification of electrical and electronic equipment for protection against electric shock


6. GARNER Portable Fiber Laser Printer/Laser Coding Machine/Laser Marking Systems/Portable Laser Engraver Machine 20W & 30W Details

  • Fiber Laser Source: Famous Imported Laser source, high quality, and durable working condition. Stronger output laser power can apply more

  • Auto Focus Laser Scanner System: The autofocus system of this laser coding machine could help users easy to find the correct focus when two red pointers come together.

  • Industrial Controller: Friendly software and touch screen, the operation is simple, the engineer can understand the normal operation process of the laser marking systems in a short time.

  • Indicator Light & Emergency Key: To show the working status and controller power supply of this portable laser engraver machine.

  • Rotary Wheel: Rotate the wheel to adjust the head height of the laser scanner, to find the lens correct focus.

  • Foot Switch: Used to replace hand to trigger start marking button, more convenient than finger push.

7. Packaging & Shipping of GARNER Portable Fiber Laser Printer/Laser Coding Machine/Laser Marking Systems/Portable Laser Engraver Machine 20W & 30W

  1. Packed by a brand new wooden case, the woods material proceeded by high-temperature steam. It can satisfy most of Country's customs requirements.
  2. Size of package: 81*52*55cm, G.W: 65KGS




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