CYCJET Friction Paging Machine – KF340

Products Specification:

Name Friction Paging Machine
Product Model KF340
Supply Voltage AC220V-50HZ(★ Be sure to connect the ground wire)
Motor Power ○ 90W     ○ 120W     ○ 220W     ● 250W     ○ 370W
Pagination Width ○ 30mm  ● 60mm
Separation Width 40-300mm 70-300mm
Stable Paging Speed 10-35m/min  20-180 pieces/min 30-115m/min  60-600 pieces/min


Separation Length 50-320mm
Separation Thickness 0.02-5mm
Conveyor Belt Limited Width 250mm(★ The factory dynamic balance cutting shall prevail)
Conveyor Belt Limited Length ● 1000mm  ○ 1500mm
Dimensions 1500x520x900mm
Speed Control Infinite Inverter Vector Type
Paging Performance ● High stability ○ Medium stability ○Low stability


Power Device ○ Imported  ● domestic  ○ Single-phase asynchronous gear reducer  ● Three-phase asynchronous motor
Gearing Gear / Chain / Conveyor Belt / Paging Toothed Belt
Power Protection AC integrated socket with fuse
Surface ● Brushed Matt Treatment   ○ Stainless Steel Primary Color
Body Material Stainless Steel / Industrial Section Steel / 45# Steel with Chrome Plating Treatment
Machine Landing ● Adjust the feet ○ Adjust the universal brake casters
★ The product can be configured and adjusted according to the characteristics of the user’s paging object!



Scope of Application:

  1. Card Type: IC card, IP card, etc.
  2. Packaging Bags: plastic bags, cartons, paper bags, labels, cardboard, etc.



  1. It is used to automatically separate stacks of packaging bags or cards, and transfer them to the conveyor belt in single pages.
  2. It is convenient for inkjet printers and laser marking machines to print production date, batch number, anti-counterfeiting mark, pattern, etc.
  3. So as to reduce the labor force for the cumbersome manual paging, give full play to the advantages of high-speed printing of inkjet printers and laser marking machines, and improve the efficiency of printing work.
  4. It is convenient for operation and management.


  1. Imported frequency conversion infinite speed regulation, high-speed automatic paging 60-600 pieces per minute.
  2. High paging speed, high precision positioning and high production efficiency.
  3. Qualified structure design, independent shaft, easy and quick to replace wearing parts.
  4. Equipped with manual and automatic functions to facilitate debugging and production operations.
  5. The downstream signal source of the independent counting machine can automatically count the number of pages that can be set, so as to request the number of paging automatic shutdown. The setting range is 1-9999.
  6. Optional accessories: automatic rewinding device.


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