CYCJET Conveyor – K100

Products Specification:

Name Conveyor
Model K100
Conveying Speed 10m-30m/min
Supply Voltage 220V/50Hz
Motor Power ○60W    ○90W    ● 120W    ○ 220W
Speed Regulation Mode Electronic infinite speed regulation
PositioningMode ○ Double Guardrail      ● Single Guardrail
Effective Width of Conveyor Belt 190mm(★ The factory dynamic balance cutting shall prevail)
Dimensions 1300x300x800mm
ConveyingStability ○ High stability ● Medium stability ○ Low stability


Power Device ● Imported  ○ domestic  ● Single-phase asynchronous gearreducer  ○ Three-phase asynchronous motor
Gearing Gear / Chain / Conveyor Belt
Surface ● Brushed Matt Treatment    ○ Stainless Steel Primary Color
Body Material Stainless Steel / Industrial SectionSteel / 45# Steel with Chrome Plating Treatment
Machine Landing ● Adjust the feet ○ Adjust the universal brake casters
★ The product can be configured and adjusted according to the characteristics of the user’s conveying material!

Scope of Application: Glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal cans, plastic bags, cartons, boxes, labels, etc.



  1. It used for conveying glass bottles, plastic bottles, metals, plastic bags, cartons, boxes, labels, etc.
  2. It is convenient for inkjet printers and laser marking machines to print production date, batch number, anti-counterfeiting mark, pattern, etc.

Application Industries:

Food, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, tobacco, chemical, auto parts and other industries.


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