CYCJET ALT500UV High-resolution UV Inkjet Printer

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CYCJET ALT500UV High-resolution UV Inkjet Printer/Inkjet Coding Machine/QR Code Printing Machine

Product Transaction Information

Factory Price: Negotiate
Supply Ability: 200sets per Month
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C, Cash, Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Min.Order Quantity: 1 set
ODM & OEM: Available, depends on annual sale quantity
Certification: CE, SGS, FDA
Warranty: 1 Year
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Trade terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW

Product Description

CYCJET ALT500UV high-resolution inkjet coding machine adopts 10 inches color touch screen, which makes the text inputting more easy and clear. Total Stainless-steel body makes the printer look more durable and beautiful, and is more suitable for industrial workshops. This UV inkjet printer includes the piezo printhead, which can print 54mm height character in a single line, Samsung Micro-chip, which makes the printer more stable. It adopts Micro Piezo Technology, the max resolution can be 4400*600 DPI.

The software of ALT500UV High-speed online inkjet coding machine has its own database printing function, no need to send codes and print in real-time through external communication software, which is efficient and safe, but we still retain external communication interfaces and functions for special applications.

This QR code printing machine not only can print automatic date and time, logo, serial number, random code, bar code, QR code, it also can print variable items, like variable bar code, variable QR code. And the ALT500UV large character UV inkjet printer also has a file link function, that is if there are several different information needed to print in sequence, just check the file link button, and choose what is needed to print in sequence, then it will print the different printing information in sequence automatically. These are all the basic functions of the CYCJET industrial inkjet printing system.

4. Application of Inkjet Coding Machine

  • Carton/Cardboard Package

CYCJET ALT500UV high-resolution inkjet coding machine can work with the clients' production line, to make the printing work, like date and batch number, logo, barcode, as well as material datasheet printing. High-resolution and high-efficiency make it outstanding in carton box printing. What's more, CYCJET ALT500UV large character UV inkjet printer adopts a piezo inkjet printhead, which is quite ink-saving, which is seriously helpful for the cost-saving for factories.

  • Label

Labels for clothing, home textiles will include a bar code or QR code that is different from each other. Normal printing can not meet variable printing, and other inkjet printers can not print in high resolution to make sure easy reading. CYCJET ALT500UV high-resolution inkjet coding machine can print a max of 4400*600 DPI at high speed. And the software support variable data printing.

  • Card

VIP cards, scratch cards as well as other types of cards are increasingly popular in our daily life. Every card will have a unique code which can be in the serial number, bar code, QR code, etc. And that requests the code is permanent and can not fade or wipe off easily. CYCJET ALT500UV high-resolution QR code printing machine adopts industrial-grade on-demand piezoelectric sprinklers: it can provide continuous and high-quality coding markings, and the industrial sprinklers have a long service life, are not easy to block, and have stable performance. And its ink is permanent on any plastic materials.

  • Non-woven Materials

ALT500UV high-resolution UV inkjet printer is suitable for printing dates, batch numbers, logos, QR codes, and bar codes on non-woven materials, especially for N95, KN95 masks. The machine with high stability and clear printing. There are more than 20 different fonts that can be chosen. The special anti-counterfeit font meets the requirement of preventing from faking goods.

  • Food Packaging Materials

This large-character high-speed UV inkjet printer could print high-resolution production dates, expiry dates, logos, serial numbers, batch numbers, bar codes, QR codes, etc. It is widely used for all kinds of packaging materials, including plastic materials, non-woven materials, carton materials, etc. The recognizable QR codes will help the manufacturer or agent to manage goods’ quality and cargo movement.

  • Medicine

All the medicine packages like boxes, bottles, jars, capsules are requested to have an identified code, in order to recognize the production into and anti-faking, which is quite important for the pharmaceuticals industry. ALT500UV high-resolution QR code printing machine adopts a variety of performance environmentally friendly inks, reliable quality, strong adhesion, good leveling that special ink could meet the medicine chemicals demands.

  • Galvanized Sheet

Galvanized steel is a type of metal sheet coated with a protective layer of zinc against moisture penetration and exposure to air. Such a protective coating usually could be applied just on one or both sides or of the steel sheet, which is widely used in the construction industry. Manufacturers always need to use inkjet printers to print large logos, serials numbers, specifications on the galvanized sheets at high speed. The printing speed of the ALT500UV high-resolution inkjet coding machine is up to 110m/min, which could meet most customers’ needs.

5. Technical Specification of CYCJET ALT500UV High-resolution UV Inkjet Printer/Inkjet Coding Machine/QR Code Printing Machine

Print Height 1-54mm
Print Spacing 8mm-10mm, it is subject to the printing content & ink type
Print Lines The lines unlimited within Max height 71mm.
Print Length Single file max length 20000 dots (the Max height 2.54m when the resolution is 200DPI)
Print Speed 110M/MIN
Print Resolution Max 4400*600dpi
Print Fonts The built-in various font, and horizontal bar,vertical bar,dot-matrix,bold font can be free change.
Print Content Real Date, Real time, Photo, Letter, Shift group, Serial number, Batch number, Lot number Barcode and 2D code can be free print.
Print Direction Upward printing, downward printing, side printing (360°direction printing)
Font library Standard font library are Chinese & English, and The Spanish,Portuguese,Arabic font library can be optional
Operator Interfaces Image-style & Chinese or English (Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic) menu, what you see is what you get.
Memory Function More than 1000pcs text can be storage
Ink Type Ink is originally from UK. There are Solvent-based ink (machine should be regular maintenance); Invisible ink (Machine should be regular maintenance); Oil-based ink (machine maintenance free).
Ink Color Black, Red,Yellow, Blue,Green,white, purple
Protection level Not suitable for high dust, high humidity working environment
Weight of Machine 72.0KG
Dimension of Machine 22*20*17cm
Powder 100—240V, 50/60HZ
Humidity Range 10-90% non-condensing
Temperature Range 5-40°C
Others No need to connect external compressed air, and no need thinner (i.e. solvent)


6. CYCJET CYCJET ALT500UV High-resolution UV Inkjet Printer/Inkjet Coding Machine/QR Code Printing Machine Details

  • Ink System: The mini ink pump of this UV inkjet printer is internal, which could refill ink automatically without breaking off.

  • Printhead: Piezo high-resolution printhead can print a max of 54mm in height of letters at a time. The standard resolution is 600*600dpi, printing speed can be 110m/min. The best resolution is 4400*600dpi, printing speed can be 60m/min.

  • Alloy Steel Stand: This inkjet coding machine has a high-quality alloy stand, which could ensure the machine stands stably without shaking.
  1. Packaging & Shipping of CYCJET ALT500UV High-resolution UV Inkjet Printer/Inkjet Coding Machine/QR Code Printing Machine


  1. Packed by brand special cartons with foam inside, which could protect the printer very well. It can satisfy most of the Country's customs requirements.
  2. Size of package: 46*43*72cm, G.W: 29KGS



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