Automotive injection molding parts two-dimensional code trace laser coding

In recent years,there have been many new things,such as shared bicycles,unmanned supermarkets,and unmanned 4S stores.In the enterprise product management,new technologies for product traceability management have emerged in recent years.Through this system,enterprises can realize product management from the production and circulation of products.This system also enables enterprises to improve products with big data technology and realize new product marketing methods.

  To implement product traceability management,a software system and a hardware system are required.The software system is a product traceability management system,and the hardware system includes a coding device and a scanning device.The whole traceability process is as follows:The traceability system generates a unique identification code for each product. This identification code is equivalent to the product ID card.The system transmits the identification code to the coding device through the network.The coding device uses the identification code in two dimensions.The code is printed on the product,the product is distributed to the dealer,the dealer uses the scanning device to scan the product QR code,and the scanning device returns the product status to the traceability system.After the product is distributed to the consumer,the consumer scans through the mobile phone.Product information can also be passed back to the traceability system. By obtaining a large amount of user usage information through the traceability system,enterprises can help companies improve their products through big data analysis.

Automotive injection molding companies can also use the laser printer to print the product identification code in the form of a QR code to the surface of the product,thus enabling the traceability of the entire injection molding accessories.Gernar Coding&Marking has been focusing on the marking industry for 15 years.It has accumulated rich experience in the inkjet traceability industry and has served many enterprises,including traceability management of agricultural products,traceability management of pipes,traceability management of building materials,and traceability management of steam parts.

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