I have been wading using CIC i am also somewhat mislead

I have been wading using CIC i am also somewhat mislead

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she merely divorced her husband home and you will to what i discover, it is very impractical you to she’s going to get a canadian invitees charge.

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I’ve been told by particular attorneys it is ideal one to she comes here into Guest Charge and also married for the Canada and then sign up for sponsorship/Advertising from within Canada.

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My husband try a beneficial Canadian too i am also a good Indian but Singapore Advertising. We had partnered for the India and you may my husband registered getting my personal Publicity from Canada. Once i never tell that would become punctual(reg ur qs regarding the relationships and declaring Publicity), know that Canadian Embassy during the Singapore provides one of the slowest handling minutes. It will take the common cuatro-six months provided all your valuable papers work is in check. We got partnered for the 14th october and you can my husband removed my Advertising from Canada CPC-Meters into 23rd from Oct. We recorded my personal scientific certification as well as the app and you will my Police certificate when my hubby received the fresh new sponsorship approval. I experienced my consult to submit my personal passport having visa into new tenth out-of Feb. So it performed grab you regarding 4 months also.

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that is all of the i could state for now.. in the event the this lady has had a divorce proceedings and you may desires marry once more, there’s no situation as much as i understand and you can agin you to but regarding advice is actually , the burden out-of research is on your. U need certainly to facts so you’re able to CIC your matchmaking is true thus what you leaading onto the matrimony is much more extremely important..

consider u always hve to take out the fresh new 30 days it takes cic to procedure the fresh sponsorship part(web browser initially area ) out very throughout angel, year sponsorship took ninety days, wowo that is a good because they must do numerous monitors..

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Many thanks for finding the time to respond. Note that is when nothing i know. I did not know that if the she lives in Singapore you to she would have to procedure their documents using Singapore, i imagined she would need to pertain actually by way of an office for the Canada. Anyway it offers myself a notion. Thanks!

In addition are you willing to see your partner in Canada after you were married but did not have your files? We heard somebody declare that once you try hitched Canada commonly not allows you to visit your partner within the Canada more.

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1) I did not visit your immediately after my partner applied for Public relations. The thing is since i have in the morning a keen Indian, I would personally must get a good Visitor’s Visa an such like. I didn’t must incorporate you to definitely either, since probability of all of them rejecting it could be large given they know already my purposes regarding getting around very long time. A vacationer is meant to be somebody just who “leaves”. Your wife/fiancee can go to your in the event the she doesn’t need a charge to go into Canada. But nothing perform stop you from checking out their own within the Singapore if you’re the Pr has been processed.

2) You might get Pr so you’re able to Canada merely on the country your stay in. Commercially I’m able to enjoys used from Asia, however most of the my personal operating would have been done regarding India, therefore could have been a horror to arrive at India to submit my personal data files whenever right after which also for submitting my passport to own visa. So its far better exercise on set the place you remain currently, in your fiancee’s instance it could be Singapore.

3) Make sure any records is in buy. My husband and i invested the initial 2 days regarding relationship answering the latest data and you can collating proof etcetera :-(( . The reason We underscore this is when there is certainly anything destroyed, your own records will be repaid for you therefore carry out have to submit all of them once again hence carry out produce subsequent decrease. In addition to, make sure she submits her scientific certification also the whole number of records.

You would have to fill out that which you in order to a CPC (During my circumstances it was Mississauga). When your support is approved, might send their selection of files to help you Singapore. At this juncture, ask your fiancee accomplish the police certification stuff showing the newest Sponsorship approval since proof. She would must complete they to help you Singapore workplace.


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